Play With Friends

Surviving on Planet Initium does not have to be a lone task. The odds are NOT against you when you're playing with friends, or even with strangers! Combine the perks of each character and overcome obstacles with cooperation. You can even be friends with...robots?

Build Your Own Base

Surviving on Planet Initium can be tricky without a safe haven to store your valuable loot

or simply to shelter yourself against lurking creatures.


From a two-by-two hut to a multi-story apartment, players have complete freedom to build the base of their dreams.

You know what they say, the sky(box) is the limit!

Explore The Unknown

Exploration is a huge part of thriving on Planet Initium. Traverse through different terrains and explore to your hearts content! Discover the hidden gems laying beneath the mystery that surrounds the island. Be wary of those lurking in the shadows though, their bites sting quite a bit...

Pre-Alpha Screenshots



From the time she was a child, Juniper dreamed of piloting a spacecraft. After years of training in the Intergalactic Security Division of the Technology, Exploration, and Research Administration (T.E.R.A.), Juniper was selected to co-pilot an expedition into space—tasked to discover planets suitable for humanity. Now, nearly two years away from home, Juniper’s spacecraft suffers severe damages and crash-lands on the picturesque beaches of Planet Initium. Injured and isolated, Juniper must learn to survive in this alien environment.

Diverse Characters

Stay tuned for more!

Survival Adventure

Planet Initium is a stylized multi-player RPG survival game set on a mysterious alien planet. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each offering a unique play style and narrative perspective. Play with friends to balance out the strengths and weaknesses of characters, or brave the islands solo. 

Hunt creatures, build shelters, forge weapons, and explore the far reaches of the unknown. Discover the hidden depths of Planet Initium!


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